Message from Junior Dub:

Bob Marley: Musical Ambassador, reggae pioneer, spiritual guide, cultural icon, and the first name in Jamaican music. So why not more Bob Marley on Junior Dub's Irie Reggae Music Page?

Junior has sadly noticed that reggae music is too frequently associated ONLY with Bob Marley. Everyone knows who Bob Marley is ("is" because his work is timeless). But when asked about Dennis Brown, Freddie McGregor, Beres Hammond, Marcia Griffiths, The Heptones, Pam Hall, Yellowman, Gregory Isaacs, or even Peter Tosh and Bunny Wailer, people who aren't as familiar with reggae music respond with "WHO?". This is very troubling to Junior.

To say that Bob Marley IS reggae music is only partly accurate. As modest as Bob Marley was, he would probably be embarrassed today to know that a person would think that buying a Bob Marley CD makes them familiar with reggae music. That would be the same as buying a David Bowie CD and claiming to know progressive rock.

Junior Dub's Irie Reggae Music Page is intended to show newcomers to reggae that there is a huge variety of artists, melodies, and messages. It's not that Bob Marley isn't one of the most influential reggae artists as much as that there are so many others who also have a message but are unknown to the masses.

Bob Marley is, and always will be, in the spotlight of reggae music. Junior wants to shine a light on many of the reggae artists hidden away in Bob's shadow.

~ Junior Dub (with translation from patois by Jack Slater)