Jack & Junior's Jamaica Photos & Story

As you can imagine, we always have a great time in Jamaica. To help illustrate our experiences, we have put together some photo pages. The first couple are traditional image (photo) galleries of random shots. The 1998 trip page also has a streaming audio clip of the nighttime sounds in Jamaica.

These pages will take a LONG time to load. We think it's worth it, but we had to let you know first.

We also chronicled our 1998 visit to the Rose Hall Great House in Montego Bay. As the story goes, the place is haunted. We even have photos that may or may not convince you of the existance of duppys (ghosts). See for yourself....

04/01 Photo Gallery

03/00 Photo Gallery

11/99 Photo Gallery

04/99 Photo Gallery

01/98 Photo Gallery

Photos and story from Rose Hall

Peter Simon Gallery Of Jamaica Photos